Have you ever faced challenges treating women with psoriasis?

This website provides helpful tools to deliver effective and personalized disease management for your patients.

Despite significant developments in psoriasis management over the past few years, women may still face barriers to making informed decisions that can affect their treatment.4

Taking women’s distinct needs into account, we have worked with expert dermatologists to co-create a toolkit of educational resources around personalized care specifically for women before, during and after pregnancy to help raise the standard of care.

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The impact of psoriasis on women

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Personalized care and shared decision⁠-⁠making

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Family planning conversations

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Use these materials to better support treating women with psoriasis

These materials aim to support you in your clinical practice and include updates on the latest data and guidance on how to implement shared decision-making for a more personalized approach, helping to raise the standard of care for women living with psoriasis.

Useful checklist to use to cover all topics of concern about psoriasis with female patients.

Use this checklist to help address all topics of concern for your female patients

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One-page summary of key data on the increased burden of disease in women living with psoriasis, and the clinical considerations associated with this.

Do you know how psoriasis uniquely affects women? Read on to find out!


How can we best support women with psoriasis who are worried about starting a family?

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Why is shared decision-making so important for women? Our experts tell us all…

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Find out how our valued partners make a difference in psoriasis

Learn more from IFPA – the global leader in fighting psoriatic disease!

For more information and resources to support women and psoriasis, visit our partners at the International Federation of Psoriatic Disease Association.

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Learn more from EUROPSO, the European umbrella organization for psoriasis movements.

For more information and resources to support women and psoriasis, visit our partners at EUROPSO.

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