Personalized care and shared
decision-making for women

Every person is unique!
That’s why it’s so important to understand each individual’s needs and expectations to develop a personalized care plan to suit them.

Want to know more about shared decision-making and how to apply it during your consultations?

Find time to discuss with your patients about the management and treatment of their psoriasis.

Shared decision-making can go a long way towards empowering women to help them feel their worries have been heard. This process ensures patients and healthcare professionals jointly decide on their disease management based on the best available evidence for treatment options, whilst respecting individual values and preferences.

Download assets to help you provide personalized care to your patients

What can you do to overcome communication challenges with female patients?

Learn more about the prevalent beliefs and concerns of women with psoriasis and useful tips on how to overcome the potential communication challenges you may encounter when treating them.


Learn how to apply shared decision-making in psoriasis management from our expert

Behavioral Scientist Professor Ivo Vlaev (University of Warwick, UK) looks at the psychology behind shared decision-making and shares practical advice to guide successful dialogue, including the five-outcome framework.


How can you make sure the most pressing topics of concern of your patients are addressed? This checklist is for you!

This practical checklist will ensure you cover important topics with women, and that they are an active part of the decision-making process about their treatment.

Download (Print version)

Download (Interactive Online version)

Looking for tools to fully understand and engage your patients?

The following resources can help:

Empower your patients to start the conversation

Download this useful discussion guide to share with your female patients that offers practical advice on how to raise issues with their healthcare professional.


Find out all you need to know before the consultation with our patient info form

Use this patient questionnaire to find out your patients’ thoughts on family planning and the physical and emotional impact of their psoriasis. This will ensure these topics are addressed in the development of a personalized management plan.

Download (Print version)


Are you enabling shared decision-making in patient care? Watch to find out

Head of People-Centred Health Care Research, Dr Rachel Sommer (University Medical Centre, Hamburg, Germany), explores shared decision-making as a process, explaining how to put this into practice in relation to psoriasis and highlighting the benefits to both patients and dermatologists.


Why is shared decision-making so important for women? Our experts tell us all…

Experts Professor Ivo Vlaev, Dr Elise Kleyn, Professor Marta Garcia Bustinduy and Professor Uwe Gieler discuss the value of shared decision-making and the different experiences faced by women living with psoriasis.


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